Michael Sean KentBA, DVM, MAS


      Kent博士在UC Davis担任副教授,任比较肿瘤中心的联合主任和伴侣动物健康中心副主任。他于1997年毕业于UC Davis兽医学院。曾在宾夕法尼亚大学实习,并于宾州私立诊所工作一年。之后他在UC Davis的内科和放射肿瘤科做住院医师,并在此期间获得临床医学领域硕士学位。Kent 博士是内科和放射肿瘤方面的专家,研究领域包括黑色素瘤、淋巴瘤和骨肉瘤的临床试验和疾病机理。
      Dr. Kent is an associate professor at UC Davis. He is co-director of the comparative Cancer Center and Associate Director of the Center for Companion Animal Health. He graduated from The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1997.  He then went on to do an internship at the University of Pennsylvania and was then in private practice in Pennsylvania for one year before going on to do residencies in both Medical and Radiation Oncology at UC Davis where he also received his masters degree in clinical research. He is boarded in both medical and radiation oncology.  Dr. Kent’s research interests include clinical trials and mechanisms of disease in melanoma, lymphoma and osteosarcoma.