Karl Jandrey, DVM, MAS, DACVECC


     karl是一名小动物急诊及急救护理方面的执业专家。在训练临床科学家的国家健康机构支持下,他取得了临床研究方面的硕士。这项合作是由加州大学戴维斯临床与平移科学中心和医学院赞助的,由兽医师,内科医师和博士后研究人员参与的多专业项目。基于其硕士所研究的课题,现在他继续致力于猫的肥大型心肌病 动脉栓塞的重点机制的研究。他的大多数时间在急救室对兽医学生进行教学或者在兽医教学医院的重症监护室。他主持了一个小动物毒理学的本科生研讨班,并会参加大三学生的小动物毒理学和急救学以及急救护理的选修课程的教学。他也是UC Davis专业进修教育中心的指导。

      Karl is a board-certified specialist in small animal emergency and critical care. He completed a Masters of Advanced Studies (Clinical Research), supported by the National Institutes of Health, to train clinician scientists. This collaborative, multi-specialty program of veterinarians, physicians, and post-doctoral researchers was sponsored by the University of California-Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center and the School of Medicine. He continues to build on his Masters work through the study of the underlying mechanisms of thromboembolism in cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Most of his time he teaches veterinary students in the Emergency Room or the Intensive Care Unit of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. He hosts a seminar for undergraduates in small animal toxicology as well as teaches third year veterinary students in Small Animal Toxicology and Emergency and Critical Care elective courses. He also is the Director of the UC Davis Center for Continuing Professional Education.